If your project involves working on a roof, you’ll likely need perimeter scaffolding and edge protection.

We Only Offer Freestanding

Freestanding edge protection generally stands on the ground and supports its own weight. In tricky situations, we may rest or stabilise the structure against a building (using ties or sole plates), but this is done in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).

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Above a Single Story

Installing attached edge protection on any roofline or edge higher than 3 metres isn’t practical without either scaffolding or a scissor lift. This includes gable peaks and buildings on slopes.

Our freestanding edge protection is safe for us to erect, and safe for you when complete and tagged.

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Combination Access

A great advantage to freestanding edge protection is that the structure is there to use for safe access to a roof, soffit, walls, fascia and joinery. We’ll work with you to design a safe and practical access solution for your specific needs.

Top of Our Game

Topscaff are fully qualified as Scaffolders and Competent Persons up to 30m height. With a combined 50+ years’ experience, we have well-established systems.


We design and erect scaffolding and edge protection to suit the user as much as possible, so you’re not fighting with awkward heights or badly-placed scaffolding.

On Time Every Time

We know how valuable timing is for the efficient progress of a build or maintenance job. Topscaff will work with your Project Manager to ensure you get safe access on time.

Completely Covered

Let Topscaff take care of all your access and access prevention needs. We can provide perimeter fencing, scaffolding, edge protection and safety netting in one simple contract.

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Topscaff Won’t Let You Down

We only offer serious, provably compliant edge protection and fall prevention systems. Get in touch with Topscaff today.