Safety netting is the most practical solution to fall prevention on new builds and other sites with open spans.

Tried and Tested

All our fall-arrest safety netting is certified in Spain to meet stringent testing requirements set out in the NZ-accepted standard BS EU 1263‑1. We undertake regular inspection and testing of our nets to ensure they haven’t worn out from use or deteriorated in the harsh NZ sun.

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Internal Edge Protection

Fall-arrest safety netting cheaply and neatly fills a gap. Falling off the side of a building is an obvious risk. Falling into a building is less obvious, and often ignored. A flexible and easily-configurable net can be fit to most fall-risk voids on an unfinished building site – rooms, garages, wardrobes, stairwells, skylight openings, etc.

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We’re the Experts

FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training, UK) are the body recognised by WorkSafe as the authority in proper use of safety netting in construction. Our team have received all the relevant training by FASET-approved instructors, which qualifies us to design, install, and certify our safety netting systems.

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The earlier you involve Topscaff in the build, the less hitches there will be. We’ll work with the site permanent works designer to plan for suitable anchorage points, as well as ensuring the netting is installable and easily removable.


After we’ve designed and safely installed a fall-arrest safety net system, we’ll provide handover documentation. This includes the testing history of each specific net, as well as instructions on hazards, rescues, inspection and debris removal procedures.

Top of Our Game

Topscaff are fully qualified as Scaffolders and Competent Persons up to 30m height. With a combined 50+ years’ experience, we have well-established systems.


We design and erect scaffolding and edge protection to suit the user as much as possible, so you’re not fighting with awkward heights or badly-placed scaffolding.

On Time Every Time

We know how valuable timing is for the efficient progress of a build or maintenance job. Topscaff will work with your Project Manager to ensure you get safe access on time.

Completely Covered

Let Topscaff take care of all your access and access prevention needs. We can provide perimeter fencing, scaffolding, edge protection and safety netting in one simple contract.

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We provide fast, effective and compliant installation of fall-arrest safety netting in the Bay of Plenty region. Talk to us about safety netting today.