Shrink Wrapping (encapsulation) is an effective way to protect both your worksite and your project timeline.

Totally Covered

We will erect scaffolding that completely covers the area of the building in question, and then have that scaffolding wrapped in a heavy-duty waterproof material. This ensures a dry and still environment inside, perfect for sensitive works or critical timelines.

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Don’t Get Washed Out

New Zealand weather can be unforgiving. Living so close to the coast, our Bay of Plenty whānau know all about squally rain and gusty winds. These can put a halt to project progress, especially for tasks like cladding and painting. Don’t delay your project, shrink wrap your building instead.

Salt spray can be highly detrimental to a range of building materials, and near the beach it’s unavoidable. That is, unless your job site is wrapped by Topscaff.

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Wrapping Professionals

We can shrink wrap entire homes or buildings, roof and all, or just the portion you need with suitable interfacing at the roofline. We take into account wind shear / loading, the longevity of the project, personnel and material access requirements, rain runoff and all the other small factors to a successful wrap.

Keep Working

Specialist projects, remedial work or high-end work often involve a smaller team of dedicated professionals. Small teams can’t afford to be at the mercy of the weather. Ensure your job goes according to schedule by engaging Topscaff to wrap your jobsite, safe from the elements.

Top of Our Game

Topscaff are fully qualified as Scaffolders and Competent Persons up to 30m height. With a combined 50+ years’ experience, we have well-established systems.


We design and erect scaffolding and edge protection to suit the user as much as possible, so you’re not fighting with awkward heights or badly-placed scaffolding.

On Time Every Time

We know how valuable timing is for the efficient progress of a build or maintenance job. Topscaff will work with your Project Manager to ensure you get safe access on time.

Completely Covered

Let Topscaff take care of all your access and access prevention needs. We can provide perimeter fencing, scaffolding, edge protection and safety netting in one simple contract.

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